Diesel ECM

Ford 7.3L Diesel ECM DPC-422

Core Deposit: $100.00

Ford 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel ECM

Part Number DPC-422

Re-manufactured Engine Control Module

Factory Tested. Guaranteed to Work.


 Interchangeable Ford Part Numbers for this Application:

1C3F-12A650-ADA 1C3F-12A650-ADB 1C3F-12A650-ADC
1C3F-12A650-ADD 1C3F-12A650-AEA 1C3F-12A650-AEB
1C3F-12A650-AEC 1C3F-12A650-AED 1C3F-12A650-ZA
1C3F-12A650-ZB 1C3F-12A650-ZC 1C3F-12A650-ZD
1U7A-12A650-FTA 1U7A-12A650-FUA 1U7A-12A650-FVA
1U7A-12A650-FXA XC3F-12A650-BB XC3F-12A650-BC
XC3F-12A650-BD XC3F-12A650-BF XC3F-12A650-BG
XC3F-12A650-EBD XC3F-12A650-END XC3F-12A650-EPD
XC3F-12A650-ERD XC3F-12A650-NB XC3F-12A650-NC
XC3F-12A650-ND XC3F-12A650-PB XC3F-12A650-PC
XC3F-12A650-PD XC3F-12A650-RB XC3F-12A650-RC
XC3F-12A650-RD XU2F-12A650-AAA XU2F-12A650-AAB
XU2F-12A650-AAC XU2F-12A650-AAD XU2F-12A650-ABA
XU2F-12A650-ABB XU2F-12A650-ABC XU2F-12A650-ABD
XU2F-12A650-RA XU2F-12A650-RB XU2F-12A650-RC
XU2F-12A650-RD XU2F-12A650-ZA XU2F-12A650-ZB
XU2F-12A650-ZC XU2F-12A650-ZD XU7F-12A650-AA
YC3F-12A650-BCA YC3F-12A650-BCB YU7F-12A650-CA
XU7F-12A650-AB XU7F-12A650-BA XU7F-12A650-BB
YU7F-12A650-CB 1C3F-12A650-ATA 1C3F-12A650-ATB


Please provide VIN number during checkout to ensure proper programming and calibrating is performed.

Send in your ECM for repair - $395

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