Diesel ECM

Ford 7.3L Diesel ECM DPC-462

Core Deposit: $100.00

Ford 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel ECM

Part Number DPC-462

Re-manufactured Engine Control Module

Factory Tested. Guaranteed to Work.


 Interchangeable Ford Part Numbers for this Application:

2C3F-12A650-DA 2C3F-12A650-DB 2C3F-12A650-DC
2C3F-12A650-DD 2C3F-12A650-DE 2C3F-12A650-DF
2C3F-12A650-EA 2C3F-12A650-EB 2C3F-12A650-EC
2C3F-12A650-ED 2C3F-12A650-EE 2C3F-12A650-EF
2C3F-12A650-FA 2C3F-12A650-FB 2C3F-12A650-FC
2C3F-12A650-FD 2C3F-12A650-FE 2C3F-12A650-FF
2C3F-12A650-LA 2C3F-12A650-LB 2C3F-12A650-LC
2C3F-12A650-LD 2C3F-12A650-LE 2C3F-12A650-LF
2U7A-12A650-DNA 2U7A-12A650-DPA 2U7A-12A650-DRA


Please provide VIN number during checkout to ensure proper programming and calibrating is performed.

Send in your ECM for repair - $395

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